Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OMG!! Brian Atwood Stole my HEART

Today while out looking for pumps for work, I ran across the new love of my life. The new love of my life is the Brian Atwood shoe collection. Brian Atwood for those who don’t know started off designing Versace’s footwear before branching out on his own. Brian exquisite shoe savvy is a fan favorite to style icons such as Madonna, Nicole Kidman, and Nicki Minaj. Today my heart stopped for these two pair of pumps. The drama patent pump and the Harrison chain leather pump are my new favorites. Both pumps will run you small rent payment but are well worth it. What do you ladies think?
 Drama Patent Pump $660

Harrison Chain Leather Pump $1050

Sunday, September 19, 2010

La La's Haute New look and Reality show. La La's Full Court Wedding on VH1

Recently La La Vasquez Did a Photo shoot with YRB Magazine. La La has really become a style Icon in her own right, far from her TRL days. On top of being a Mom and T.V personality La La is about to add Wife to her resume. Tonight launched her TV show on VH1 titled “LaLa’s Full Court Wedding”. In this series La La will take viewers on her journey to planning her wedding as well as her day to day life. The first episode was a hit, and I will make sure I’m tuned in every Sunday. In the first episode LaLa sits down with her friend Tyrese Gibson (My chocolate boo in my head) for some straight talk. Here are some pictures from Lala’s YRB spread. Lala's Haute looks were styled by Darius Baptist.

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