Friday, December 31, 2010

2010's Fashion Trends,Icons, and Memories

As we are rapidly approaching the conclusion of year 2010, I find myself looking back on the memories that fashion has made. In year 2010 we shamefully admitted we couldn’t stop watching reality television (Jersey Shore), danced around herem pants, and many braved the cold to get a glimpse of Lanvin for H&M. all in all let’s take a look back at 2010’s fashion top trends, icons, and memories:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fashion Find: Look at our Newest Fashion Misfits!

So while browsing Neiman Marcus website, last week I fell in love (Again) with The Christian Louboutin Misfits. My heart always stops for a new pair of Louboutins, but these Black suede ruffle sandals are Edgy and sexy to say the least.

June Ambrose to Launch her own Reality Tv Show!!!!

Hey Dolls, according to the other day; Style Icon June Ambrose is slated to get her own reality show on VH1.  This is so exciting   to hear because I for one have been wondering “ When is June going to get her own shoe”  especially after watching the first season of The Zoe Report ( the Rachel Zoe reality show) .I’m sure you all have heard of June Ambrose, if not  and you’ve been hiding under rock June is the iconic stylist for such artist as Kanye west ( “ I got style ask June if she heard of me “ Lol), Puff daddy, and the recent Jasmine Sullivan Videos  “ Circles” and “10 seconds”. On top of staying ahead of the fashion world, June managed to put out a book entitled “Effortless Style” as well. I can’t wait to see what this reality show will bring. I will keep you guys posted.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ripped From the Runway:Nicki Minaj In Betsey Johnson

Sorry I been away, dolls but I’m Bizzzzzack, Check out our fashion vixen Nicki Minaj in her article in Ebony Magazine. I think that Nicki looks fierce, In a Betsey Johnson Marilyn Monroe sweater dress, and Christian Louboutins. The Marilyn Monroe sweater dress was first displayed at the Betsey Johnson runway show. With some slight alterations this dress looks great on Nicki. Unfortunately dolls this dress is sold out on Betsey Johnson’s website. You don’t have to be sad long dolls; there are several other Marilyn tunic sweaters to choose from to create this look. I love this photo shoot of Nicki. If you haven’t grabbed “Pink Friday” you have to get yourself one. What do you dolls think of the look?
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