Friday, December 31, 2010

2010's Fashion Trends,Icons, and Memories

As we are rapidly approaching the conclusion of year 2010, I find myself looking back on the memories that fashion has made. In year 2010 we shamefully admitted we couldn’t stop watching reality television (Jersey Shore), danced around herem pants, and many braved the cold to get a glimpse of Lanvin for H&M. all in all let’s take a look back at 2010’s fashion top trends, icons, and memories:


1. Red Lips

This year the infamous bold red lip trend stole our hearts. The matte red lip landed on runways and many celebrities such as Kelly Rowland. I predict the red lip trend will transition over to 2011; however I think the matte red lip will be replaced by a more glossy red lip. What do you think; was this trend Fab or Fail?

2.Military Look

The Military look captured our wardrobe this year in a major way. Fashionistas around the globe revamped their closets with at least one piece of military inspired clothing. Items such as jackets, footwear, and even handbags reflected a military influence. Designers such as Balmain captured the runway with the military look. What do you think; was this trend Fab or Fail?

3.Faux Fur Vest

Faux fur Vest made its appearance this year, just in time for the brutal winter months. Many style vixens stayed away from real fur and opted for faux Fur Vest. I don’t think this trend will make the transition into 2011; however I’m not getting rid of mine just yet. Holding on to a few trend pieces is always a good idea, doing this can help you create alternative looks with next season’s wardrobe. What do you think ;was this trend Fab or Fail?

4.Hair Accessories

Hair accessories cascaded many tresses this year. Items such as small hats, headbands, and even embellished headpieces were worn on the runways. Many celebrities such as Taylor swift put this trend in practice. The hair accessory trend will most likely stay in rotation for 2011; many fashionistas fell in love with this stylish expression. What do you think ;was this trend Fab or Fail?

5.Minx Manicures/Pedicures

Minx manicures was by far the most popular trend for 2010. Celebrities were wrapping their nails with metallic’s, fun prints, and embellished nail polishes. Rihanna, Beyonce, and Katie Perry all played around with this trend. What do you think; was this trend Fab or Fail?

Most Memorable Fashion Head turner

Lady Gaga

This year the most fashionable head turner was Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga in my opinion is our modern day Madonna, just like Madonna, Lady Gaga was not afraid to push the fashion envelope or try something completely new. Lady Gaga made all our mouths drop with her infamous Meat dress, and her creative mask. Gaga definitely made her mark this year.

Most Memorable Fashion Icon

Michelle Obama

This year as we welcomed our first African-American first family, we all marveled over Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama single handily brought style to the White House. Not the typical first lady, Michelle managed to stay ahead of the fashion trends while hands on her humanitarian efforts. Michelle graced the cover of several magazines such as Vogue, and Essence. The first lady made being stylish, look so easy this year.

The Top 2010 Fashion Memory

Alexander McQueen

This year the Fashion world sadly said goodbye to Designer Alexander McQueen. In February Alexander McQueen committed suicide in his London loft, this left many fashionistas shocked and in disbelief. This came on the eve of McQueen’s mother funeral. Known as the rebel designer of the fashion industry throughout his Career, Alexander was not scared to chances on the runway. Fashion followers around the world will definitely miss his talents.

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