Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fashion Glimpse: Lauren London covers Rolling Out Magazine

Hey Dolls, here is a Fashion Glimpse of Lauren London Spread for Rolling Out Magazine. Check out the Interview below.
Lauren sat down with Rolling out Magazine to discuss her pregnancy, being a mom and more. Lauren also happens to be in the latest Box office film "Madeas Big Happy Family". This month will be the second month Rolling Out Magazine featured one of Lil Wayne’s “Baby Mamas".............    Check out the full interview at Rolling Out Magazine

On her beauty secrets

I don’t even think I’m all that cute but I maintain a clean face and make sure I have a mani and pedi once a week. I think it’s important for women to take care of their nails, hair, skin and feet. That’s it. I keep it natural and simple … but when I get some sun, I’m all ready. That [tan] would be a beauty secret if I had one.”

On her pregnancy

I had a pregnancy that wasn’t private … A lot of people had their opinions about it. They were surprised that I came up pregnant, which was a surprise to me, because I’m a woman and women get pregnant and Lauren comes first before the actress, so having my son was the best thing that ever happened to me,

On evolving

I think evolution is a natural thing. I was 21 when I came into the industry and now, I’m 26. So, my style is gonna change. My hair hasn’t changed, but my outlook on clothes, movies [and] interviews that I do are gonna be different from when I first came out. I didn’t put too much thought into [makes air quotes with her fingers] coming back. I just love what I do

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