Friday, February 19, 2010

Sight to the BLIND

After watching multiple images of our lovely celebrity vixens and everyday fashionistas, maneuvering through the streets of New York City for fashion week, I have started to wonder: Is everyone wearing style goggles? Do all these individuals have the same blurred vision of what style is? To me everyone is starting to look exactly the same.

The repetition of skinny jeans, leggings, sequins, and shoulder pads were all the rage on the streets of Midtown. Current fashion followers look to the likes of Kerry Hilson, Beyonce, and Kim kardashian for inspiration on what is the latest and greatest in fashion. On top of these style vixens, Music videos are also depicting the wardrobes of many fashiionistas/fashionsitos.
Don’t these people realize that they all look like uniform fashion puppets?
BREAKING NEWS: Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Kerry Hilson do not dress themselves! These icons are not responsible for these styles.
It’s their wardrobe stylist that spend days visiting showrooms, pulling pieces, and researching the latest European trends, designers, and fashion craves. The stylist then attempts to create a Unique fashion forward style for the individual.
Theses stylists are all working for the same purpose of bringing something new to mainstream fashion.
When followers decide to replicate exact looks, and become carbon copies of one another. Who really has the style here?
Is it Beyonce, the stylist, or the followers?
Honestly every one doesn’t look good in Latex leggings, every guy doesn’t look good in skinny jeans, and shoulder pads are not as appealing when placed on already broad shoulders.
People must learn to use these icons as an inspiration to create their own unique style. Fashion trends rarely last, and soon many people will find their closets full of clothes but have nothing to wear. This is a result of many people focusing on trends rather than true style. Fashion trends rarely stay the same and soon they will find themselves with a closet full of “out dated pieces”
Create your own style find out what works for you and create your own look. Gather inspiration from these current trends and make it work for you. Your closet will become full of endless options based on your classic style.

So grab your style goggles and throw them away A.S.A.P. Begin to see fashion with a clear vision and let the fun begin.

“Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal.” - YSL

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  1. I totally agree with you! It looks like everyone is becoming "style Chameleons" in order to keep up with trends of these stars. This is where the style of wearing those ugly Ugg boots derived, which I thought was just a passing trend for last winter. That style was even worn through the summer which I don't understand how people can do that, and once again returned this winter. This is why I love Lady Gaga she refuses to conform to the fashion trends of now and create her own. She is no follower. Some of these stars wouldn't know what to wear if it wasn't for their stylist creative minds. People just need to learn how to dress for themselves.


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