Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dare to Go NUDE this Spring

So guys! This week was fun filled; I spent days at my favorite retail shops perusing the spring line up. Btw this is a great time to go rack up on last season’s must haves, everything will be on sale. So as I ventured over numerous trend reports and compared merchandising displays at my favorite shops; I uncovered some really great finds. This season’s new haute color pallet resides in the family of Ivory tones, crisp white, pale nudes, and muted/diluted tones. These colors were prominent during the Academy Awards this past weekend, when starlets such as Jennifer Lopez and Charlize Thereon brought these colors to the red carpet. Luckily every day starlets don’t have to venture to Armani Prive or Dior for items in this stylish color scheme. My favorite local retailers like Zara, F21, and H&M have great pieces we can add to our own Couture closet for great prices. I grabbed some great finds to share. SO get Moving update your closet. Dare to go Nude this season.


  1. Hey boo! I just def hit up H&M and Forever the other day getting some of those scarfs and jewels!! So excited about the nice weather we had enough of this mess, needless to say this rain!
    So question, when it is all nasty and gross outside what do you think is the appropriate attire for Spring? I know when I go to clubs I still wear the heels and the dress because it will be hot as hell inside that place, but what if we were just chilling and wanted to just go out for a second. What if you're in the city and you have to walk around what do you think would be some good items to wear so that you're not freezing, and you're still dressed appropriately for indoors too?

    Thanks for your post the other day and I love what you're doing with the site!


  2. So...your nude is different from the next woman's nude and surely different from my nude (Godiva is hard to achieve, lol). Anyway...I love some of the nude pumps and platformed sandals I see everywhere but I'm reluctant to buy a pair because it definitely isn't "nude" on me.

    What do you suggest? Should I just not Dare to be Nude and miss this seasons fad?


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