Thursday, April 1, 2010

Couture Style Vixens

Unless you’ve been locked away under a rock somewhere, you have heard the entire buzz about Lady Gaga’s newest video “Telephone”. In this video Gaga states her claim on being fearless in fashion; as she pulls inspiration from Material Girl Madonna. The video includes some sick outfit changes ranging from sunglasses covered in lit cigarettes, to Soda cans used as rollers. In one scene Gaga enters the prison yard in an sequins tube dress, layered in heavy Chains, all while wearing these sunglasses completely covered in burning cigarettes. The look totally spelled REBEL. Another scene displays Gaga in a heavily studded motorcycle jacket, with exaggerated eyebrows with Soda cans in her hair used as rollers.....WOW. Definitely a must see for all fashion followers. If you haven’t already seen it visit YouTube, or request it on 106 & Park. Lady gaga is a great example of a risk taking fashionista.

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