Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fashion Find : Beyonce brings Christian Louboutin Daffodile Platform Punps Courstside

Hey Lovelies, so after the Grammys the other week, Beyonce was sighted out shopping in the Fabulous Teal Snakeskin water print Daffodile Pumps Beyonce out In Daffodile Teal punps. Clearly Beyonce let out the arsenal of the shoe collection for All-Star weekend.
 Beyonce was courtside at the All-Star weekend in the studded Daffodile platform pumps($995) by Christian Louboutin. These Babies are just as Fierce as Sasha Herself. Beyonce has a divine taste for footwear as do I, and we both share a love for the spring 2010 collection of Christian Louboutins. Channeling my inner Virgo I’m predicting that soon we will get a glimpse of Beyonce in the Zebra print Daffodile Platforms. What do you guys think? Does these look like something B has locked away in her closet?


Zebra print Daffodile ($995)

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