Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fashion Glimpse: Nicki Minaj covers 5 Magazine issue no.7

Here is a Fashion Glimpse of Nicki Minaj spread for #5 Magazine.  
So recently Nicki Minaj sat down with #5 Magazine to dish on love, her career, and her favorite rapper; Check out snippets of the interview below. You can catch a the complete interview and spread at # 5 Magazine Interview

Interview Sneak Peak:

How can a man get to your heart?

If he can make me laugh…..he has to be smart. I love sarcasm in people; I love when you’re able to pick up on sarcasm and when you’re able to dish it out. I love quick comebacks.

Your label mate Drake sounds like he fits the bill for that.

But that’s why Drake and I are friends because he does fit that to a certain extent. He’s really easy to talk to. As a girl, you don’t meet a lot of guys you can have a conversation with about anything. It’s dope.

On why she loves talking in a British accent

It’s so beautiful. It seems like it’s out of a story book or something. Whenever I was school and we had to act out plays and stuff…whenever we would have to wear the big gowns and corsets, we would have to put the London/British accent on. I would always be like, “their culture is so pretty. It’s like whimsical.”

Who is one of your favorite rappers of all-time?

Jay-Z. It was like whatever Jay-Z says is the gossip because he was smart. I was raised attracted to intelligent rappers. Like if you can make me think…that’s why I’m so into metaphors. I love double meanings of things. Just having people look at things in a different way because all my favorite rappers [Lil’ Wayne] that’s what they do, that’s what intrigued me.

Source: # 5 Magazine

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