Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brandy Kontrols the scene: Kontrol Magazine Spread

Hey Guys, for the winter issue of Kontrol Magazine; celebrity siblings Brandy & Ray J graced the cover. Brandy & Ray J actual landed a Double cover with Kontrol Magazine Winter Style Issue.
 This move is really a good look for the siblings. Both Brandy and Ray J have kept themselves busy in the media. Brandy premiered on last season’s “Dancing with the Stars” and Ray j has struck success with his run of reality shows on VH1 “For the Love of Ray J”.  This season the two siblings paired up to launch a joint Reality show on Vh1 “Family Affair” which gives America an inside look to their family dynamics.  The show also shows Brandy search for love, as well as Ray J attempt to make his relationship work. In between recording music; Ray J has stayed on the radar with his television career and his apperances at a variety of venues. It’s good to see Brandy back on the scene too,  Do it Miss Norwood!

Here is a look at Ray J Cover:
Images: Kontrol Mag


  1. snap! Work it Ray!!! <3 them!


  2. @Nadie Thanks for the comment. Ray J is really looking sharp in this Picture.

  3. LOVE her dress. Brandy is back!!!


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